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Boudoir Session
Its hard to be separated from your loved ones, especially when one of them is overseas fighting for the freedom of another country and providing aid to those who are in need. This was the case with IL, whose boyfriend was working abroad. She had a great idea to send some photos to him so that he could see her while he was gone and remember who was at home waiting for him. This is a great idea for women who are dating or married to military men because they will love receiving a gift like this!

The photoshoot with IL was fun and playful; we did the photos at a posh hotel I use for other boudoir photoshoots and it is overlooking the city, which allowed for a gorgeous backdrop for the photos. IL brought some different outfits to change into, all offering different looks from playful to sultry.

We started with a pink polka dotted tank top and shorts, taking some photos in the bathroom before moving on to some other lingerie pieces. IL was a great sport and knew exactly how to pose and what she thought her boyfriend would like. She kept her hair down and her makeup was natural with a little bit of smokiness to frame her deep brown eyes. We also grabbed a couple photos of her laying on the bed, applying some lipgloss that she brought with her.

After a photoshoot full of lingerie changes, IL had created exactly what she wanted to; a sexy photoshoot that she could send to her boyfriend as a reminder that she is thinking of him while he is gone, and that she is waiting for him to come home when he is done his tour. It’s a romantic present, and one that any man would appreciate from his girlfriend, fiancee, or wife.

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