Wedding anniversaries are not only for the couple to celebrate any longer, and more couples are now hiring photographers to capture their one year celebrations. Whether they decide to celebrate with friends and family or just with each other, photographers can be on hand to capture every single smile and special moment. When C&C decided to hire me for their one year anniversary photos, I couldn’t wait to get started.

The weather had decided to work in their favor and an outdoor photoshoot with the two of them was planned at some familiar locations about town. They dressed in comfortable clothing that represented them and their styles; both wearing cowboy boots for the occasion. The photos had a rustic look and a modern twist, which only helped capture C&C even more beautifully.

It was easy for C&C to be themselves despite getting their photos taken; they were both relaxed, comfortable and completely free to be themselves and enjoy the time with one another. It was easy to capture their happiness as they held hands and posed for some photos, but many photos were captured as they were meant to be; not staged or planned. Taking this kind of approach to photo-taking allows the subjects to be more at ease and you can capture the moments that are never able to be planned.

As C&C celebrate their one year wedding anniversary, I want to wish them all the love and happiness of the past year for many more years to come! I am thankful I was able to be a part of their special one year anniversary and hope that you enjoy the photos as well.

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