boudoir session 4

Boudoir photos are not always about lingerie, but instead the way someone portrays themselves in day to day life and the experiences one can have instead. This photoshoot was a different take on the classic boudoir style where instead we spent the day roaming about town while JJ enjoyed the sun, sights and sounds.

She was able to change her clothing a couple times to capture the day in the styles she loved the most. As a photographer, capturing someone in a moment instead of posing can create as different depth to the photo that may not have been there if the photo was posed, and this is evident in some of the shots we captured together.

Using the street, a market and even a carousel as a backdrop, I was able to photograph JJ in different lighting and locations as she displayed her playful or romantic sides. It is easy to capture the joy in someone’s eyes when they are experiencing the beauty of every day life around them, and this inspired the photos outdoors as well. With the flowers in bloom with many bright colors, it was the perfect opportunity for some photos of JJ in the white dress that stood out prominently against the greenery.

Finally, we took a couple photos that were more traditionally boudoir to capture the idea of someone coming home and getting comfortable as a more sensual part of the photoshoot. This day in the life of style is fantastic for those who are not interested in traditional boudoir photos and want something more unique.

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