boudoir session 2

Boudoir photography sessions are always fun to do because they are so stylized and elegant. There are many different options as to how to shoot these and I was happy to find that while I was shooting a session with CR in a posh hotel room that the sunlight cast beautiful natural light into the room, offering a perfect lighting situation for our session.

CR began with a simple white teddy that felt playful and innocent, posing on both the balcony of the room, by the window and on the bed during the session. She kept her makeup light which was important for the kind of image we wanted to create.

Later, CR changed into a black lingerie set with accenting garter belt and we did a shoot that looked akin to a woman getting ready to go out for a night on the town. She wore an accenting necklace and earrings – accessories can really add to a shoot! She used props such as the makeup light to apply her lipstick and a makeup brush to apply blush in the mirror, still perfectly pulling off the air of a woman getting ready for date night.

After the images in the bathroom, she took to the window again, helping me capture some images that made it look like a woman who was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her husband home, for example.

Finally, we used the natural light in the room to capture some tastefully nude photos, gracefully showing off CR’s silhouette against the stark white bedsheets, in the hotel bathtub with bright pink high heel shoes, and finally adorning a beautiful pearl necklace for some shots as the suns natural light began to dim in the room.

Overall, it was a fantastic shoot! Thank you CR.

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