In March I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful wedding that was stepped in the culture of the bride and groom and their family. M & I had a beautiful day set out for them, filled with cultural traditions, time with family, and a lovely ceremony. It’s always a pleasure to be a part of a wedding that represents so many cultural traditions, offering the opportunity to be able to photograph the day differently, capturing the dresses, interactions, meals and union ceremony.

The bride wore a wonderfully adorned red saree; a color usually favored by many brides. She wore red and white bangles of all different widths, sizes and designs all down her forearms. She also sported traditional henna designs on her hands and feet, as well as a large necklace and matching headpiece.

The bridesmaids wore elegant blue dresses with matching earrings and small headpiece designs, many of them sporting henna designs on their hands as well. The groomsmen wore light blue and white outfits, while the groom opted for red and gold, creating beautiful pops of color in the photos.

Following the traditional marriage ceremony, we headed out to the Public Market to take some photos. While it was overcast, the weather held up and offered us the opportunity to catch many different shots all over the market of the newlyweds and their bridal party.

Before heading to the wedding reception, both M & I changed clothing; the brides new dress was white and a royal purple, matching her husband who wore a grey suit and a purple tie complimenting the colors on the dress. At the reception, everything was white and accented with purple across both the tables, chairs and decor. Centerpieces included candelabras with dangling crystals, adorned with greenery and purple flowers. After the cake cutting, the party lasted well into the evening as the newlyweds enjoyed their time of celebration with their closest friends and family.


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