J and B are a fantastic, loving couple with a passion for one another that is easily captured on camera. I always feel that the best photos of a couple together are the ones that are not posed and are instead taken as the couple enjoys the company of one another in a beautiful outdoor setting. Luckily the weather worked well in our favor for the photoshoot and I was glad that we were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful September day.

We took a stroll to the nearby park where we found a patch of wild purple flowers, something that offered a stunning contrast to J white lace B khaki colored suit jacket. As they got comfortable sitting in the flowers I was able to get a couple photos, capturing the way they looked at one another, reflecting the true love they have for one another in their glances. It is in moments like these and seeing these photos that reminds me why I love taking engagement and wedding photos so much!

After the afternoon walk it was time for a quick change into something a little more casual and warm as we headed down to the waterfront for some more photos. At the waterfront, the shoreline was rich with color; green grass was visible between white homes with red roofs and the sky was a bright blue, completely cloudless.

J and B cuddled close to one another on a piece of driftwood and I captured them with the mountains in the background with the water stretching out in front of them, the scenery as beautiful as they are as a couple. After some photos with the sun setting in the background, it was time to call it a day.

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Engagement sessions are the best way to meet your friends new friends… Summer is the perfect time for outdoor photos.. Article coming soon!

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