S & N’s wedding was an incredibly unique one, rich with cultural influences, bright colors, a happy couple surrounded by loving friends and family and so much more. I was so happy to be a part of this wedding and be able to experience the cultural traditions that took place, able to capture it all through the lens of a camera.

For this wedding, I not only focused on the bride getting ready for her big day, but the groom too, starting the day with photographing the groom and his groomsmen getting dressed in traditional clothing. He wore white and blue with an accenting gold and blue necklace, while the beautiful bride wore complimentary colors. An elegant, traditional dress, she wore blue accented with gold, her hair up and away from her face aside from one curl on either side, delicately pinned in place and adorned with a large rhinestone accent piece.

Outside, I was able to take photos of the couple with their family, some sporting traditionally decorated umbrellas while the couple held a large floral bouquet that included yellow and red flowers amid greenery.

The ceremony took place while the couple was surrounded with their dearest friends and family, and included a change in clothing on both the bride and grooms parts. Now adorning an orange dress that matched her husband-to-be’s pants, they knelt on the floor with hands folded and candles burning in front of them.


The bride and groom went through a couple more clothing changes, which offered a unique look at traditional clothing and colors on a wedding day. The bride changed her hairstyle slightly several times, donning a traditional headpiece while meeting with monks at the ceremony.

Afterwards, she donned an elegant white dress, her husband by her side in a grey suit, and we headed out to take more photos of the happy couple as they held hands, kissed, and celebrated their first moments of husband and wife. It was then on to the reception with one more clothing change; this time the bride and groom both sporting traditional clothing in purple and gold. From there, they spent the night celebrating with friends and family at their side.


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