weddings on film camera


In my early years as a photographer, going through school and learning the fine art, I used a lot of film in my cameras. Now in 2015 everything is digital, but some photographers still like to use film in their work. While it is now a much more costly way to have photos taken, some people prefer the vintage feel that their photos have when they are developed, capturing the way the light dances with a subject or how elegant a bride looks in black and white.


When digital first began appearing on the market, the cameras were incredibly costly and were mostly used by photojournalists. It was much easier for them to carry around a couple memory cards than containers of film, and it was less likely that the memory cards could be damaged by environmental properties such as sunlight.

Now, anyone and everyone can afford a digital camera, but some photographers still prefer to shoot in film. While I have moved into the digital era since it is much easier, I still remember the days of taking photos with film.

There is a special romance some photographers have with film, and while having your wedding shot with film, there are some things that you should be wary of, including the cost associated with it. With a digital camera, I can edit and process photos much faster, even offering up a teaser shot or two before the full set is released. With film, it is a waiting game for both the photographer and the recently married couple, hoping that the photos that they wanted turned out and developed properly. Some photographers who used to use digital cameras have fallen into love with the time, skill and dedication it takes in order to take photos with film.

I’ve posted some of my favorite wedding photos taken with film below; please check it out!

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