Habesha Wedding A&H


I’ve done a few Habesha weddings as a photographer now and I always love them. When weddings are steeped in cultural rituals and I’m able to witness and capture them in photos, it truly is a humbling experience for me. I was incredibly excited to be a part of A+H wedding day and was able to capture many beautiful moments throughout the day.

H bridal gown was perfect; all white with a large skirted bottom that was rouched in several places with a nice train trailing behind the dress. She wore an elegant tiara and a veil and carried a big bouquet of orange roses, matching the color of her bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaids all wore bright orange dresses, carried white flowers (and one additional white flower adorned their hair) as well as matching chandelier earrings.

Their ceremony was small but enriched with traditional Habesha wedding rituals that were fantastic to see and be a part of. After the ceremony, we headed to a nearby park to take advantage of the beautiful day and capture some photos outside.

The reception had very many people in attendance, all there to feast and share in the joy and celebration of the marriage. The couple shared a meal with their bridesmaids and groomsmen at the head table that was on a stage risen for everyone to see. They then had a dance and headed off to change into more traditional clothing. The wedding party all changed and we headed back outside for additional photos on a pier with the tranquil water and sun setting in the background.
After the photos, the reception continued in a more traditional light, cutting cake and sharing it with one another as guests enjoyed fresh meats and breads and one anothers company as they celebrated H+A union.

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