I love to capture special moments between couples while they enjoy the company of one another. While they go on about their day, conversing, holding hands and even sharing a kiss or two, I am able to capture the beauty of their relationship. When a photographer can capture this instead of posed photos, you are capturing the love that is shared between two people, and that’s what makes the photos so special.

I was honored to help out I and A for engagement photos. I had called me about the engagement session and let me know that her fiancee, A, would be in town for a couple days from Germany and would love to have some photos taken.

The engagement photoshoot took place in downtown Seattle in various locations, including in front of the Market Theater where they laughed, held hands and shared smiles with one another, down a cobblestone-lined alleyway where they shared an embrace and a soft kiss, and amongst a tree lined pathway while the pair enjoyed the fall foliage.

At one point, A bought I a colorful bouquet of flowers, which stood out gorgeously and accented her black dress and made its way into many of the photos. After getting some photos on the tree lined path, we headed down to the waterfront to snap some photos of the happy couple against a more scenic backdrop. The stone-covered beach and the foliage-shrouded cliffsides added stark contrast to one another and really brought the photoshoot to life featuring the couple.

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