Rustic weddings always offer fantastic lighting and wonderful decor, and working for J & D on their special day was no different. Rustic weddings have been incredibly popular as of late, usually because they offer a way to combine creativity with a traditional feeling. The best part about a rustic themed wedding is that they are all different, and each one of them is beautiful.

I was happy to be a part of J & D on their wedding day because their passion and love for one another was so easy to capture in photos. From the bouquet of pink roses adorned with pearl broaches to the brides lace patterned dress with a small train and a long, flowing veil, everything about this wedding was heartfelt, warming and incredibly romantic.


The wedding itself was intimate; the aisle lined with rose petals that the flowergirls placed down and the chairs filled with family and friends, all smiling and sharing in the joy as the couple was married. The wedding location was lit with soft lights from the chandeliers overhead and the aisle was trimmed with lights.

The reception was equally as warm and romantic as the wedding ceremony, the theme flowing through the day perfectly. The lovely newlyweds sat together at a sweetheart table, giving them time to share with one another for a little to enjoy their meals before making their rounds and greeting everyone as husband and wife for the first time. The table was decorated with many different colorful flowers, backlit by tiny lights and a mini chandelier.

The decor included white and gold zig-zag patterned tablecloths, gauze and lights intertwined for a romantic feeling, and bare trees that sparkled in the yellow light of the room. Everything was perfect about this rustic wedding for J & D, and it was apparent as they shared many laughs and smiles with both each other and their guests throughout the evening.


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