In January I had the opportunity to photograph K & G’s wedding; a large, traditional affair highlighted by a beautiful ceremony and a huge reception. They certainly had many guests, both friends and family, there to wish them all the best on their wedding day. Traditional cultural weddings are some of my favorite to photograph because the colors and garments are all so beautifully designed and offers a fantastic contrast in any photo against a backdrop.


The groom wore traditional clothing in a maroon color, adorned with golden patterned scarves, a maroon colored headpiece as well as gold pants and shoes. His lovely bride-to-be, who carried a bouquet of red roses and white lillies for a stark contrast, wore a cream colored dress decorated with hundreds of different colored and sized jewels and beading, a maroon veil, and large gold earrings and a matching necklace. She also had the traditional henna patterns from her forearms to her fingertips and had dozens of beautiful red and white jeweled bracelets.

The six bridesmaids all wore traditional clothing in an emerald green, carried red bouquets and joined the bride and groom for photos with a horse that was also decorated in traditional patterns. After taking many photos of both the happy couple and their bridal party as they shared smiles and laughs, it was time for the ceremony; always one of my favorite parts to photograph. I love being able to capture all the moments that happen as the bride and groom are united as man and wife.


Following the ceremony, there was a short gathering at a home where the bride and groom shared time with their guests before heading over to the reception that included seating for all of their guests, entertainment with dancers, dining and much more. The bride had changed into an elegant purple and white dress with hundreds of jewels, and the groom put on a black suit with a black bowtie. The two spent the evening enjoying the company of both one another and their family and friends as they celebrated their union.


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